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Replace the old clipboard of paper forms with our beautiful easy-to-use iPad app

Dr. Chad Stutsman D.D.S. - DentalForms
“DentalForms has transformed my practice! I had digital X-rays, digital intraoral cameras, crown milling machines, and a bunch of other great dental tech tools. But I was still using the old clipboard of photocopied paperwork. Finally, we found an elegant, easy-to-use tool to replace it. Our patients and team love DentalForms. We are a true paperless office now!”Dr. Chad Stutsman D.D.S.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patients complete dental forms only the first time. Returning patients simply review, update and re-sign previously completed forms in as little as 60 seconds.
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Improve Office Efficiency

Staff members no longer work with inefficient paper systems. No more scanning, filing, shredding, or reading bad handwriting. DentalForms eliminates all the busywork.
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Increase Case Acceptance

Doctors get a simple concise summary of the patient’s most important answers and any that have changed from the last visit. No more waiting for paperwork.
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Increase Patient Satisfaction

  • Eliminate patients' #1 frustration

    Patients hate repetitive paperwork. With DentalForms, patients only have to fill out forms completely the first time. Subsequent appointments take a fraction of the time because patients simply review, update, and re-sign previously completed forms. DentalForms makes it easy for patients to use an iPad to update personal information, agree to treatment, sign financial agreements and alert you to problems with their oral health.

  • Patients work in privacy, at their own pace

    People like familiar routines. DentalForms allows patients to follow their familiar routine of being greeted and having someone hand them something at check in. Patients fill out forms in the privacy of their seat, at their own pace. Patients don’t like kiosks. They feel industrial and impersonal. Nobody likes the feeling of being rushed with someone looking over their shoulder.

  • Patients prefer not to work from home

    Busy patients don’t like being asked to work at home. DentalForms serves your patients better. Giving them a tool to efficiently complete forms in the office respects their busy schedule. Patients feel more comfortable when they can ask questions. You get the benefit of forms that are accurate and complete!

Diana - Dental Assistant - DentalForms
“We have been working with the DentalForms app for almost 6 months now and we are very happy with the results we are seeing. DentalForms is making the office more efficient. The forms are easy to navigate and upload into our dental software. Our patients are excited that they will only have to review their information and sign at their next appointment and are pleased that we offer state of the art technology in the office.”Diana, Dental Assistant

Improve Office Efficiency

  • Paper clipboards waste time

    Paper charts create a lot of busy work. Every office has its unique take on this time wasting process. DentalForms eliminates the busywork of interpreting handwriting, lost forms, highlighting answers, filing charts, scanning files into PMS software, and shredding documents. It takes a lot of work to keep paper HIPAA compliant!

  • Ready to treat on schedule

    Returning patients complete forms in 60 seconds or less. DentalForms saves time with new patients by gathering complete, accurate, information in your waiting room before treatment. Our concise Doctor Review displays answers in a prioritized format. High value answers are shown first, then any changed answers, and finally the complete chart. DentalForms quicky places high-value information at your fingertips.

  • Treatment time is expensive

    Many practices have hygienists review a patient’s information while they sit in the treatment chair. The operatory is where the most expensive, time sensitive activities in your practice take place. It’s not the best place to gather information. DentalForms saves time and money by having patients fill out forms in your comfortable and cost effective waiting room.

Mollie - Dental Hygienist - DentalForms
“Dentalforms is an easy to use app for both patient and clinician. There is no more paperwork to deal with and all the forms can be accessed in seconds with an IPad. The review page gives an organized view of all the information. Anytime there is a change in the medical/dental history, it will show up at the very top of the review. After the information has been reviewed it is easily uploaded to the patient’s digital chart. The best part of the app is that it remembers all the information so the patient just has to review and make changes as needed. There are no more compliance issues or negativity with patients having to fill out the same information year after year.”Mollie, Dental Hygienist

Increase Case Acceptance

  • Happy customers are more likely to consent to treatment

    When it comes to treatment acceptance, the last thing you need is a patient frustrated by working on forms at each appointment. That’s why DentalForms makes the difference in case presentation – and patient satisfaction. You and your clinical staff simply review easy-to-read summaries of high-value information on an iPad. Critical treatment planning essentials are right at your fingertips. With happier patients, you have more time to discuss patient goals for a healthy smile and present treatment options that satisfy their concerns.

  • Patients want to know you listened

    DentalForms helps patients communicate their pain-points. The Doctor Review summarizes them to guide the treatment conversation. Nothing important to you or your patient is missed. With more time to discuss patient goals for a healthy smile and present options that satisfy their concerns, you’ll realize how DentalForms causes case acceptance to skyrocket!

  • Patients don't want to start over

    Returning patients are critical for a profitable dental practice. DentalForms remembers patient answers from the previous visit. One of the biggest reasons patients stick with their dentist is to prevent the pain of starting over. It’s a big pain to share medical history with a new doctor. Every time your patients use DentalForms they get a reminder that you already have their information on file.

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DentalForms is software as a service (Saas) with a monthly subscription fee.

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DentalForms subscriptions are a 12-month term, but if things are not working out after everyone’s given their best effort for 90 days, we’ll release you from the remainder of our agreement.

Questions? We’re here to help.
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