3 Ways to Boost Patient Referrals

When it comes to developing a pipeline of new patients, referrals still rank as the most cost-effective way for your dental practice to acquire new clientele.

A dental practice should aim to have referrals make up a significant portion of their new patients annually. After all, acquiring referrals should be easy. You provide exceptional service and value to your current patients who happily refer you to everyone they know.

If you’re struggling on the referral front, here are three tips to help you boost the numbers.

Be Remarkable

Provide superior customer service and your patients are sure to mention it to others. New patients are especially likely to tell someone else if they’ve had a good first impression. Carefully craft the patient experience from the moment they walk in the door, making sure the entire team is trained for a consistent approach.

Being “remarkable” ensures that your patients leave ready to recommend your practice to everyone they know.

Ask for Referrals

Obviously, your patients wouldn’t come to you if they didn’t think you were a great dentist. But how often do you ask them to recommend your services to others?

A healthy goal is for 40 to 60 percent of current patients to refer at least one new patient each year. Make it easy and beneficial for them to share their positive experiences. You can do this with enticing promotions, like a free exam for each friend they refer. Create take-home brochures and social media programs to provide opportunities for patients to spread the word.

Mention Special Services That Appeal to New Patients

You just can’t beat word-of-mouth. Let your current patients know about special services that new patients may be interested in, such as a new whitening technology or free oral cancer screenings. DentalForms can also be customized to indicate new services for patients to mention to their friends and family.

Patient referrals are a good chance for you to organically grow your patient base through the patients you’ve already won over. Let your current patients know you appreciate them by demonstrating outstanding service, and there’s no doubt they’ll be singing your praises to anyone who will listen.

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