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3 Ways Tech Can Improve Your Patients’ Experience

As the healthcare industry has continued to evolve, there’s been a steady increase in the importance of patient experience. Online reviews and quality of care surveys can now translate patient satisfaction directly into revenue as potential clients decide where to go for treatment. In this competitive environment, how does your practice stay one step ahead?

Using technology to increase patient interaction and individualize their dental care could be the answer.

Here are three ways that tech can help improve your patients’ experience:

Increase Engagement

The more convenient it is to communicate with your practice, the more likely your clients are to stay involved in their care. Providing online and mobile access to a patient access portal allows them to engage with their dental health at the push of a button. Though patient portals had their origins in physician’s offices and hospitals, a number of dental solutions have become available in recent years.

The portal is also a great place to provide educational resources, online bill paying, or a chat feature to contact your office.

Utilize Analytics

Advances in analytics have created many opportunities to give your patients a personalized experience. Setting up a data mining program on your practice’s terminals gives insight into trends in the services you provide. It can even be used to make predictions about a patient’s likelihood to follow through with certain services.

Using predictive analytic software can help you identify which of your patients are at risk and how to reach out to them with the most success. This enables you to improve both health outcomes for your patients and revenue for your practice.

Personalize Communication

Gathering client data based on analytics enables you to provide your patients with personalized communication. Using communication software can help you engage with patients in a way that maximizes their likelihood of taking the next step in caring for their dental health.

Reaching out to all your patrons using their preferred method of communication can be time consuming. This is where communication software comes in handy. Most systems work by syncing with your existing practice management software to send out appointment and scheduling reminders, and can also be used to send out newsletters or promotional campaigns.

Healthcare is increasingly driven by consumer satisfaction, and leveraging technology is the most effective way to provide the individualized care patients want. Taking advantage of these available tech options can increase your patients’ engagement and make it easier for your practice to give them a personalized experience.

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Lindsay Kyle, LindenWords