4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Patient Charts

Quality patient care hinges on obtaining up-to-date medical histories. Your patients are used to completing medical history forms, and much of a practice’s labor hours are spent managing them. With so much time and effort invested, how can you be sure you are getting the most value from your patient charts?

Patient Education

Every patient is unique, and the medical history form is a vital communication tool in tailoring their treatment plan. Patients who understand the relationship between oral and non-oral health conditions are more likely to give you complete information.

Take every opportunity to educate your patients about the oral health connection for conditions such as TMD, diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few. Patients who realize greater health benefits than merely clean teeth will reward you with loyalty and referrals.

Reduce Practice Risk

Used consistently, best practices can help reduce risk for a dental office. But “consistency” is the key. If your forms process allows patients and team members to stray from approved procedures, you may be exposing your practice to risk.

A digital forms solution such as DentalForms has best practices built into the workflow, ensuring your patient charts are signed, reviewed, and secure. DentalForms is designed to reduce your risk of missing a patient’s new or changed health conditions by automatically highlighting answers which have changed from previous forms. These and other features add up to greater consistency in your quality control efforts.

Better Patient Retention

Paperwork has never been considered a positive part of the patient experience. Whether you use paper forms or digital, your patients probably dread answering the same questions at every visit, especially when they have nothing new to report.

DentalForms eases this pain point by remembering a patient’s previous answers, allowing them to quickly review and sign after updating only what has changed. Respecting their time by recalling their details builds loyalty and a sense of connection to your practice.

Increase Case Acceptance

Your patient forms are a discreet way for patients to inquire about new services. They may be embarrassed to ask about veneers or tooth straightening, so your forms are the perfect place for them to indicate what’s on their mind.

Customize your forms to encourage these conversations. If using a digital solution, the software should also make it easy for you to notice their interest so these opportunities don’t get missed. You’ll find you can better serve your patients’ needs while growing your practice at the same time.

DentalForms was designed as a patient-friendly way to reduce practice risk while increasing case acceptance.  Click here to see all this feature-rich app has to offer.