7 Things New Patients Look For in a Dentist

When people look for a new dentist, they often take their research as seriously as if they were house-hunting.

So, what are they looking for – and are you offering it? Here are seven things prospective patients hope to find in a relationship with their new dentist.

Prompt Appointments

If a new patient calls and can be seen within 48 hours, they are more likely to choose that dentist. Many people tend to delay dental care until their condition becomes acute. For a patient in pain, the first dentist who can provide relief will have won a new customer.

Welcoming Front Desk Staff

The very first point of contact your patients have is with your reception staff, usually over the phone. Make sure your team is trained to be warm, friendly, and helpful to callers. Good listening skills coupled with an empathetic mindset will go a long way toward winning—and keeping—new customers.

Convenient Technology

Dentists that use technology such as patient-friendly digital forms can win patients by creating a better customer experience. With its easy-to-read iPad interface, DentalForms can help even senior patients complete the check-in process in record time.

Short Wait Times

Why should a patient have to take time off from their day to sit in an office waiting for a dentist that’s running late? Be a dentist that runs on time, or has the courtesy to inform patients if you’re running late.

Friendly Bedside Manner

New patients want a friendly, warm dentist. Whether a patient is in pain, petrified of visiting a dentist, or just likes someone chatty enough to pass the time, be sure to work on your bedside manner.

Convenient Hours

When choosing a new dentist, patients want convenient practice hours. Peak demand times tend to be between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and then 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Good Explanations With Financial Options

Patients want dentists to thoroughly explain the treatments they need, carefully answer their questions, and explain again if they don’t understand. Patients also want dentists to offer a couple of financing options for treatments so that they can cover the dentistry they may need.

Are You a Patient’s Next Dentist?

Choosing a new dentist isn’t an easy decision to make. New patients take the time to do their research and want to know that you’re covering, at least, the above bases.

Looking to create a better patient experience? Learn more about DentalForms today.