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8 Signs You’re a Great Dentist

When searching for a dental provider, patients want to be sure that they’re entrusting their care to the best. With so many competent providers to choose from, what traits separate a good dentist from a great one?

Here are eight signs that you’re a dentist who stands out from the crowd.

1. You Truly Value Patient Comfort

A great dentist puts themselves in their patient’s shoes and works to create a comfortable and welcoming environment in their practice. They consider every element of an appointment—from the time a patient spends in the waiting room to the time they spend in the treatment chair. They take steps to ease nervousness and to make their procedures as painless as possible.

2. You Take Time To Educate Your Patients

Without receiving any formal dental training, many people don’t realize the impact oral health has on the rest of their body. A great dentist makes sure their patients understand how to care for their teeth, how other diseases and conditions can affect oral health, and why any prescribed treatments are necessary. Patients who understand the “why” behind a treatment plan are more likely to trust their dentist’s decisions.

3. You’re A Fantastic Listener

Not only does a great dentist explain procedures and regularly ask patients how they’re feeling, they encourage their patients to voice questions and concerns of their own. Whether they’re in the waiting room, treatment room, or back at home after a procedure, there should always be a way for your patients to get their questions answered. A patient whose concerns have been heard will likely feel like they have more of a voice and be more satisfied with their care.

4. You Offer Convenient Scheduling

Whether it’s offering weekend and evening hours, online scheduling, or keeping a wait list when schedules fill up, great dentists put effort into making sure all of their patients can find an appointment time that works for them. These dentists also recognize that emergencies don’t always happen during business hours. They have a plan in place to deal with them in a timely manner and communicate it to their patients.

5. You Care About Your Team—And It Shows

Patients are always observing how a dentist interacts with their team. Creating a healthy team dynamic in your practice is an important part of making patients feel welcomed. When you treat your team with care and respect, your patients can expect that you’ll treat them the same way.

6. You Follow Up With Your Patients

A good dentist treats their patients well in the office, but a great dentist treats them well even after they’ve left. Notifying patients who are overdue for appointments is par for the course, but there are other opportunities to follow up as well. Calling patients after a procedure not only makes them feel valued, but ensures that any complications can be dealt with quickly. It’s also good to follow up with patients who were unsure about treatment options the last time they came in.

7. You Protect Your Patients’ Information

A great dentist understands that patient privacy is vital to providing the best of care. They take steps to ensure that all of their office procedures are HIPAA compliant, that their technology is secure, and that their team is trained to keep patient information safe.

8. Your Patients Tell Everyone How Great You Are

The best sign of a great dentist is patients who won’t stop talking about them! Satisfied patients are the best marketing team that a dental practice could hope for. If many of your new patients come from personal referrals, it’s a good sign that you already exhibit the above traits.


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