Are You Putting Patients’ Privacy at Risk?

Patient privacy is a top concern of any dental practice.  Each person who steps into your office is required to provide sensitive information. Whether it’s a Consent for Treatment or a Medical History Form, each of these needs filled out, signed, and filed appropriately.  At each juncture, it is essential for all patient information be kept secure to ensure it doesn’t leak into the wrong hands.  

When processed correctly, keeping information safe is easier with digital forms than with photo-copied paper forms.  Using digital forms will prevent unwanted and unlawful privacy and security breaches.

As Patient Details are Requested

The best digital forms first increase privacy by allowing patients to fill out their paperwork on an iPad from the comfort of their own seats.  Here, personal information can be entered confidentially.  This is preferred over shared kiosks which lend to strangers peering over ones shoulder while awkwardly waiting in line behind the current user. 

Secondly, if you choose the DentalForms version for your office forms, your patients will have only a few questions displayed on their iPad screen at a time.  This makes the questions easier to read and hides previous answers given as they move through longer forms such as medical history questions.  Keeping these details private will also make them feel more willing to share about sensitive dental concerns and their overall health.  Digital Forms are much more confidential than sharing these details audibly with office staff after being seated in the treatment room.  Many HIPAA violations occur during innocent, less-than-private conversations when strangers are nearby.

Securing Their Files

Data security is a hot topic in today’s business world.  Using digital forms for personal information means there is no critical data to shred, no copies left in the scanner, and no paper forms to pile up in plain sight while waiting to be filed.  When using DentalForms, once a form is completed by the patient, it will be securely saved, while still easy to access during treatment as needed.  Password protection is required each time your office personnel accesses this data, so your patient information will be in the right hands at all times.

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