COVID-19 iPad Disinfection

Shared-use devices have a number of benefits and are becoming increasingly more common in lieu of clipboards and patient paperwork. This is part of the reason why DentalForms was created in the first place. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have often been asked what are the best ways to sterilize and clean their shared-iPad devices they use with DentalForms in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

One of the best ways to keep phones, iPads, and tablets sanitized and safe for use is with PhoneSoap Med. This device uses UV-C light to achieve anywhere from a 4 to 6-log reduction in key pathogens in just 30 seconds.

All of their products use UV light to disinfect. UV light inactivates bacteria and virus through damaging their DNA/RNA. The radiation from the UVC light causes thymine dimers that render germs unable to reproduce or function to harm you.

360 Degree UV Light Disinfection

PhoneSoap’s products are the only ones that provide 360 degree disinfection of the device. To accomplish this they:

    1. Design the disinfection chamber with advanced ray tracing software to make sure that the UV-light bounces around the chamber appropriately to hit all sides.
    2. Use proprietary coatings on the reflective inner chamber that reflects the specific wavelength of light that kills the germs. You can just add a surface that looks “shiny” like a chrome, but you have to have the material reflect the UVC light that kills germs, not the visible light that you can see.
    3. Suspend the phone in the disinfection chamber between UVC light sources on a quartz plate (newer products use our own material we developed) that is transparent to the wavelength of light that kills germs. UVC light doesn’t pass through glass or plastics, even if they look transparent to your eye.

Where Do I Learn More?

PhoneSoap’s Med product is specifically designed for healthcare and kills 99.9999% of household germs in 30 seconds!  This product can be mounted, on a rolling cart, or on a stand which makes it perfect for any dental office.  See the link below for more information:

PhoneSoap | Healthcare | Med+

If you have any questions about PhoneSoap’s products, please contact the Director of Global Sales, Jared Elliott, at the information below:

Email:  |  Phone: 773-459-8698

As a standard practice, here is an overview for what Apple recommends on how to clean your Apple products such as an iPad:

COVID-19 iPad Disinfection | How To Clean Your Apple Products

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