3 (Realistic) Steps Toward Better Work-Life Balance

In today’s world where “busyness” is king, finding a healthy work-life balance can seem impossible. For many of us, our idea of balance is based on spreading time evenly between activities. But what if instead of balancing our time, it was more about feeling balanced and keeping any one area of life from becoming so intense that it overshadows the others? In his book High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, Brendon Burchard gives some valuable tips that can help you bring balance to all aspects of your work and personal life. Here are a few that you can implement right away.

Weekly Check-In

Building a better work-life balance takes a measure of planning and effort. Burchard recommends taking a weekly inventory of the major areas in your life, including physical health, emotions, family, friends, your mission and work, and finances. By taking time on Sunday nights to write a specific weekly goal for each area, you can step back and see the big picture when it comes to prioritizing your week. Sometimes just taking intentional time to evaluate our lives outside of work gives us the insight we need to bring these areas into balance.

Stave Off Fatigue

Prolonged periods of stress, at either work or home, can leave us feeling completely drained and fatigued—a phenomenon known as burnout. To avoid burnout, it’s important to give yourself the tools you need to maintain high levels of energy and motivation. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and scheduling time for activities that release tension are all great ways to re-energize all areas of your life.

Take Regular, Purposeful Breaks

Trying to power through workday after workday without any breaks is a sure way to find yourself in the throes of burnout. Burchard’s #1 tip for creating work-life balance is standing up and walking away from your work every 45-60 minutes. Take 2-3 minutes to reset your body and mind before returning to your desk or workstation, and then spend 60 seconds thinking about your goals for the next hour. Taking these regular breaks can help you accomplish more of your goals, feel refreshed, and bring a greater feeling of balance into your life.

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