Discreet Considerations for Even Your Most Vibrant Seniors

Most people are anxious about visiting the dentist. Knowing this makes it important to consider your potential clients when designing your waiting area.

Your patients want a space that is peaceful and comfortable to help them relax. Senior patients, especially, require special consideration to ensure that their visit is as stress-free as possible.  From non-slippery floor services to firm chairs with arms, here are a few considerations to think about for your dental practice.

Floor Surfaces

Senior patients may not be as steady on their feet as they used to be. Make sure your office floors have non-slip surfaces and avoid putting down throw rugs or anything else they could trip on. Edges between hard and soft floor coverings can pose tripping hazards, so make sure you have smooth transitions between them.


The pathways in your office should be wide enough for senior patients with mobility equipment to navigate. Make sure there are ramps in and out of the practice for those with mobility difficulties. Place any potted plants or decor items well outside of traffic patterns.


Roomy seating will help your senior patients to relax while they wait for their treatment. You should aim for seating that is comfortable and easy enough for seniors to get up and down from.


Well-lit hallways ensure that seniors can clearly see where they are going, what type of surface they’re walking on, and any necessary signage. Dark walls and floors absorb light, so choose lighter colors to keep the walkways brighter and safer.

The Right Equipment

You want your senior patients to be comfortable during their treatment. Make sure that your dental chairs offer comfortable headrests and knee rests for support and stability. Full chair pads can help reduce patient anxiety and backrests ease pressure and pain on your patient’s hips.


Senior patients may struggle with their eyesight and for some, writing becomes difficult as they age.

Paper forms can be tricky to get through, which is why you should consider DentalForms. The digital forms have a bright display that is much easier to see than the small font and unclear print on paper copies.

What’s more, DentalForms offer large fonts and a simple display with just a few questions per page compared to paper forms.

These 6 vital considerations will help your practice ensure that better care is delivered to all of your patients, especially your valued senior patients.

Want to know more about how DentalForms can help you improve your patients experience? Schedule a time to explore additional features and benefits.