Four Ways to Keep Your Patients Coming Back

While a good majority of dentists concentrate on generating new business, what are you doing to keep the patients you already have?

Here are four ways you can keep your loyal patients coming back to your practice.

First Impressions Count

It’s important to train your staff to make an excellent impression. Set the bar high – being exceptional is the minimum standard when it comes to your front desk team. For a busy dental office, being warm and welcoming includes deliberately taking time to answer any questions without making the patient feel rushed. Try taking a critical look at your patient experience from their point of view and asking trusted patients for candid feedback.

Use Patient-Friendly Technology

Wrangling a clipboard filled with multiple forms is time-consuming and frustrating for patients who often arrive feeling anxious about their visit. With the DentalForms app, first-time patients can complete their forms on an iPad with easy-to-read fonts. Established patients quickly review and update their previous entries without starting from scratch every time. Patient-friendly technology helps keep patients coming back.

Allow for Pre-Booking

Give your patients the opportunity to book their next appointment while they’re in your office. It allows them to choose a date and time that works for them, adding to the convenience that you can offer.

Don’t forget to send automated appointment reminders, too. Studies show that patients prefer reminders by text or email over phone calls. Today’s automation tools are also a big time saver over the phone method.

Create a Connection

While no one expects you to have the charisma of a TV dentist, you do need to find a happy medium to engage with your patients. If you’re shy, learn how to create small talk. Then, take note of any conversation highlights and refer to them when that patient returns. There’s no doubt they’ll be impressed and flattered that you remembered to ask how their daughter’s doing in college or how their husband is liking his new job.

Your Patients Are Your Practice

Without your patients, where would you be? Knowing the best ways to attract them to your dental practice – through efficient and welcoming staff, patient-friendly technology, convenient scheduling, and a personable manner – is sure to make them life-long clients.

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