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Improving Data Security Within Your Dental Practice

Data security is a crucial aspect of every business, but it’s especially relevant when working with patients’ personal and medical information. Even small security breaches can result in HIPAA violations and a loss of trust in your practice.

While a security leak can happen to anyone at any moment, there are steps that you can take to prevent your patients’ information from falling into the wrong hands. 

Use Complex Passwords

Complex passwords are an important part of keeping your practice’s data safe. When creating passwords, your team should use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters that are difficult for any would-be hacker to guess. 

As an added security measure, remind your team to change their passwords every few months.

Offer Guest Wi-Fi

To prevent the transfer of data from your patients’ personal devices to your network (and vice versa), keep your guest Wi-Fi separate from your business network. 

Consider also adding a firewall to both your business and guest networks. Firewalls put up a barrier that keeps potentially unsafe information out, making your networks, and business as a whole, more secure.

Take Care with Email

A data security breach causes significant problems for any business, but the complications are magnified when medical records are involved. Unfortunately, dental practices are not immune to being targets of information theft.

To keep your patients’ records safe, avoid sending HIPAA protected information via email to anyone outside your practice, and use an encrypted email server for interoffice mail. This reduces the chance of a hacker being able to intercept protected medical records.

For added protection, train your employees to only click on email links from known and trusted sources. Clicking a ransomware link in a seemingly innocent email can result in an office-wide breach.

Choose the Right Digital Forms Solution

Using DentalForms as a digital alternative allows patients to complete their paperwork with the privacy of an iPad rather than on paper, which can be accidentally mislaid or left out in plain sight. DentalForms also automatically logs out of the patient’s record when the form is completed, adding another layer of privacy and security for your practice.

Your patients trust you to keep their information safe and secure. Click here to see how DentalForms helps make this possible.