It’s About More Than Just Teeth

Visiting the dentist can evoke all sorts of feelings for patients, from apprehension to nervousness, and even fear. That is why each appointment goes far beyond just healthy teeth and gums.

Each dentist visit should be a good experience for patients, one they will tell others about and won’t be afraid to repeat again. Whether coming for a routine cleaning or actual procedure, you want them to feel comfortable and happy with the results. Here are four tips for creating an unforgettable dental experience that will keep them coming back.

Listen to Your Patients

Knowing what your patients are looking for is extremely important. Asking the right questions is the first step in building a good dentist/patient rapport. One discreet way is to incorporate the right questions within your patient forms, which can guide your face-to-face dialog in the treatment room.

Start by asking questions like:  Is there anything you hope to change about your smile?  You can also ask how they heard about your practice.  This lets you know what aspects of your marketing campaign are working best.  Asking open-ended questions will give patients a chance to provide you with comprehensive feedback that will help you understand which services they feel are important.

Create a Friendly Atmosphere

Sure you’re there to provide a service, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a friendly environment your patients will find inviting.  Ask them what they expect from each visit and find out about their overall dental outlook.  Let them know healthy teeth create a more confident smile, and explain the benefits of each procedure.

Conduct Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Surveys are a great way to find out how patients feel about their visits to your dental practice.  Though we know everyone doesn’t take time for these,  many are willing to answer a few questions and will appreciate the opportunity to give their perspective.  These will provide valuable insight into problem areas or potential expansion for your practice.  You can incorporate these surveys into DentalForms for them to complete before leaving the office, or email/text them after their appointment. 

Exceed Expectations

One way to ensure patients return is to go beyond what they expect. You can do that by providing a comfortable atmosphere with state-of-the-art technology and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Discuss each procedure with your patients and give them the opportunity to ask questions. This will make them feel more at ease. Provide the small details they might not expect like soft chairs, a calming décor, and staff who takes the time to get to know their names. If they feel comfortable with the process from beginning to end, they are more likely to leave happy and smiling…. and smiles are what it’s all about!

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