Made in Indiana – Solving dentists’ #1 overlooked problem

We’re reaching out to you because there is dental innovation taking place, right here, in our Indiana home. So many of the tools we use come from companies based on our nation’s coasts, but now our Indiana work ethic and values have given birth to a solution that finally fixes the #1 overlooked problem in your office:

The clipboard of photocopied paperwork that your patients and staff hate…

To solve the “clipboard” problem we’ve developed DentalForms—a new simple, easy-to-use tool that takes the entire pre-appointment process and whittles it down to nearly nothing.

Patients only have to fill out forms once, using an iPad. At subsequent visits they simply review their previous answers, make updates, and sign on the dotted line. No digging through wallet or purse for the same information they provided last time, and the time before that…

Your office staff no longer has to worry about scanning, filing, and shredding paperwork, reading bad handwriting, or highlighting important answers.

Doctors get a clear, concise summary of the patient’s most important answers plus any that have changed from the last visit. Nothing important to you or the patient is missed. This causes case acceptance to skyrocket!

As our fellow Hoosier neighbors we wanted you to know about DentalForms first.

Something this simple and valuable had to be born in Indiana!

Thank you,
Boyd Smith, Founder