Are You Making Your Patients Feel Like Strangers?

Repeat customers are crucial to success for any dental practice, so how do you show them they matter? Here are five simple ways to ensure they feel they “belong” at your practice.

Greet Them By Name

Greeting your patients by name is a great start to making their experience a more personal one. Even on hectic days, just a few moments of conversation and eye contact can set the tone for the rest of the visit. Do you have a glass reception window? Opening it nice and wide says “welcome, we’ve been expecting you.”

Remember their Birthday

Patients who receive a birthday greeting between appointments return feeling more connected and positive about their visit. If handwritten cards and stamps are too much to keep up with, try sending an email or text message instead. Even automated emails, with a warm, friendly tone can make someone’s day. Who knows, it may be the only birthday greeting some patients receive.

Take An Interest

When patients visit, inquire about their interests and start a discussion you can come back to later. For example, if patients follow a particular sports team or other pastime, take note and discuss them during subsequent visits.

Use Their Preferred Contact Method

When contacting patients, use the method they prefer. While some will want to be contacted by phone, text messaging is becoming a preferred method. Regardless, adapting to how your patients wish to be contacted will go a long way toward making them feel valued. Using their preferred means of contact for appointment reminders will help ensure that messages are received and help keep your schedule full.

Remember What They Told You Last Time

New patients begin the check-in process by completing forms for insurance, medical history, and consent to treat, to name a few. It’s often a rather lengthy process that no one enjoys, so why add insult to injury by asking loyal patients to work so hard every time? With DentalForms, returning patients can easily scroll through their previous answers on an iPad and need only update items that have changed. Giving them credit for previous work shows them you value them enough to remember them.

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