Meet Your Secret Marketing Team

While celebrity endorsement isn’t an option for most dental practices, all can make use of key figures in their community to boost patient numbers. When you build positive connections with these people, they can use their influence to spread the word about the quality services you provide.

This is influencer marketing—a powerful tool for attracting new patients.

The hardest part of influencer marketing is knowing where to start—so where can you find the people who will deliver your message?

  • Your Practice

This is the easiest place to start. Your team has a vested interest in your growth and success and they already have a local network. Ask them to share your marketing message through their connections with family and friends.

If your practice already has a social media presence, try asking your colleagues to like and share your posts. If you haven’t explored social media yet, it’s worth checking out. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a low-cost, powerful way to spread your message rapidly.

  • Your Patients

The easier you make it for these local influencers to share your message, the more likely they are to follow through.

Try creating a space to submit testimonials on your website, slipping an informational leaflet into the bag with a free toothbrush, or allowing your patients to interact with your social media accounts through contests and promotions.

  • Your Community

Your community is filled with trusted leaders, such as healthcare professionals, local politicians, and charitable organizations. Building relationships with them can be of benefit to both parties.

Making connections with key doctors in your area can help you both to build a patient base through mutual referrals, especially regarding conditions like diabetes and tobacco addiction that affect the mouth specifically and the body as a whole. Sponsoring local organizations that promote community health and hygiene is a great way to give back while getting your name out there.

How Influencers Help You

Using local influencers to market your services is a fantastic way to build trust and rapport with your community.

Potential patients are much more likely to visit a dentist recommended by a friend than from a billboard. Intentionally building relationships with people who spread the word can help make your practice the community’s first choice for all their dental needs.

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