We need your help to fix dentists’ #1 overlooked problem

We’re reaching out to you a third and final time with a special offer. Over the last few days we sent you two emails sharing how dental innovation is taking place right here in Indiana. We shared our story about how two Indiana guys got together to create a solution to a major unaddressed problem in your office:

The clipboard of photocopied paperwork…
Everybody hates the clipboard….

DentalForms solves the “clipboard” problem with a simple, easy-to-use iPad tool that takes the entire pre-appointment process and whittles it down to nearly nothing.

  1. Patients only have to fill out forms once. At the next visit they no longer need to dig in their wallet or purse to find their information because you’ve stored all of their info. They simply look things over to make sure it’s all correct, make changes if necessary, and sign on the dotted line.
  2. Your office staff no longer has to worry about scanning, filing, shredding, reading bad handwriting, highlighting important answers, and all of the problems that come with paper based systems.
  3. Doctors get a concise summary of the patient’s most important answers and any that have changed from the last visit. Nothing important to you or the patient is missed. This causes case acceptance to skyrocket!

A tool this simple, valuable, and practical could only have been born in Indiana. Read about it here.

In 2016 no one should be greeted with a clipboard of photocopied paperwork and asked to do work they hate. Not your patients, not your office staff, or you as a doctor.

We’ve created a good product that solves a genuine need in your office. Now we need your help.

We need customers. We’ve built a great product and now we need our Indiana neighbors to help us get the story out by using DentalForms. With your help, good people from Indiana will have led the charge to finally replace the dreaded… hated… clipboard of paperwork.

  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Improve Office Efficiency
  • Increase Case Acceptance

Visit www.dentalforms.com to schedule a demo or buy DentalForms.

If you buy DentalForms in the next 72 hours, use the Coupon Code HOOSIER to get 50% off your first year’s subscription.

Thank you,
Boyd Smith & Chad Stutsman D.D.S.