Origin Story

We love reading stories about how companies, characters, and people came to be…

DentalForms was born in the Heartland. Indiana is one of those places where people [Hoosiers] still value the power of neighbors coming together in service to each other and the greater community. Plus, we’re pretty good at letting each other live and let live. Chad Stutsman, DDS, is Hoosier through and through. He grew up in Indiana, went to Indiana University, married his college sweetheart, and they are raising their family in his hometown of Goshen.

His dental practice had the best of everything [in his “dental” opinion]—nice building, good software, great people, and the best tools—but something was out of character with the experience he was trying to create for his patients. His patients would come in the door, get greeted with a smile, and then be handed a clipboard of paperwork. Liability and regulatory requirements caused his patients fill out a lot of paperwork.

Everyone hates paperwork … yet every patient visit started with handing them work they loathed doing. His front desk staff also hated the paperwork. Deciphering bad handwriting, scanning forms, highlighting important answers and chasing the clipboard around the office is not very fulfilling work. There had to be a better way.

DentalFormsIpadChad started checking out available solutions. He got frustrated as he looked at every software, kiosk, and workflow solution he could find. They were all clunkier and harder to use than the maddening clipboard! He wanted something to lessen the burden and not complicate it.

That’s when he reached out to his friend Boyd who owned a tech services business to see about building something that actually worked. Over a couple of lunches, he read Boyd in on the problem. Boyd listened, mulled it over and said, “I think we can help.”

DentalForms got started because some Hoosier neighbors got together to serve each other and their community. Plus Boyd’s wife hated filling out paperwork when she took their 3 kids into Chad’s office… he had some “nudging” at home to take on the problem….

From the start, Boyd and Chad knew that if the clipboard was finally going to be replaced, the solution needed to be simple and easy to use.

For close to a year, they made prototypes and tested them; and they made another and another…. until finally they got it right — so that the iPad(™) did not need a touch more, or a touch less. DentalForms was good to go. It was so good that Boyd and Chad decided to do a joint venture to market their product to help more people.

DentalForms is eliminating busywork for patients, staff, and dentists every single day. Now you can become part the story. It’s well past time to replace the clipboard of paperwork. Reach out, purchase DentalForms or schedule a demo. We are here to help.

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