DentalForms Spring 2018 Release Instructions

In order to provide you with a better user experience, we have just released an update to DentalForms. Each of your DentalForms iPads will need to be updated to ensure you are using the latest version. This is a relatively simple process that should take less than 5 minutes per tablet.

Here’s how to update your DentalForms iPad:
1. On the iPad Home screen, tap and hold the DentalForms icon until it begins to shake.
2. Tap the little ‘x’ that appears on the top left of the icon.
3. When asked ‘Delete DentalForms?’, tap ‘Delete’.
4. Tap on the ‘App Store’ icon.
5. Tap the search box in the top right and type ‘DentalForms’. Tap Search.
6. Tap the download icon on the right of the logo. It will look like a cloud with an arrow.
7. When the download is finished, press the Home button to return to the Home screen.
8. Now you’re ready to launch the newest version of DentalForms!

DentalForms is committed to helping you succeed. If you have any difficulties with this update, please visit and submit a case or reach us via phone at 574-971-5181 and we will be glad to help.

Questions? We’re here to help.
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