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Top 4 Tech Options Patients Prefer

When choosing a dental provider, convenience factors more into a patient’s decision than ever before. Fortunately, a growing number of tech options can make your services more accessible to even the busiest of patients.

Here are four of the top digital solutions that patients want your practice to offer:

Automated Appointment Reminders

Calling individual patients to give appointment reminders takes up valuable time and energy that your front desk team could spend on face-to-face interactions in the office. However, there are now many tech options for dental practices that can free up that precious time through automated appointment reminders.

Studies show that patients actually prefer automated reminders like texts and emails to phone calls, and that using multiple reminder methods decreases a patient’s likelihood of no-showing their appointment. Attendance is further increased by requiring patients to confirm their appointment when they receive the reminder, either by replying to a text, touch-tone dialing on an automated call, or clicking a button in an email.

Online Appointment Booking

Scheduling convenience is quickly becoming one of the main criteria patients use to choose a dentist. Unfortunately, scheduling can be difficult for patients that can’t call in or stop by during regular business hours.

While many patients still prefer to schedule in the office directly after their appointment, online appointment booking is becoming an increasingly popular remote option that allows all of your patients to schedule at their convenience, not just those who are free from 8-5.

Online Records

Today’s patients are committed to being well-informed about their health. A 2016 survey by Accenture found that 92% of consumers believed they should have full access to all of their medical records, not just summaries, and they don’t want to go through a formal records request process to get them.

Patient access portals aren’t just for family physicians anymore – more and more options for dental practices have become available. A patient portal can help your patients to feel more involved in their care and provide a way for them to reference any past procedures, imaging, and lab results. Bonus points if it’s connected to your online booking software – this creates an all-in-one platform that your patients will love.

Streamlined On-Boarding Process

Don’t let the convenience stop when your patients walk through your door – give them a streamlined on-boarding and check-in process as well. Digital check-in forms on a tablet or iPad save time for both your team and your patients.

Using DentalForms as your digital check-in solution also reduces the frustration associated with filling out the same forms every appointment by allowing your patients to update the information they entered at their last visit without starting from scratch.

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Lindsay Kyle, LindenWords